Advantages of powder coating of MDF

  • Powder coating of products has already proven itself as an innovative, waste-free and eco-friendly technology for producing decorative coatings. Thanks to the powder coating, the surface is long-living and resistant to various negative influences. About 80% of the powder coating is used for various metal surfaces. But this area is successfully developing. Already, powder paint can be applied to MDF with excellent coverage.


  • Due to the properties of powder paint, applying it on MDF greatly increases the life of these panels. This is probably the main advantage of MDF powder coating. But not the only one.
    MDF powder coating has a more uniform coating than liquid paint.
    The powder coating lies perfectly on profiled, embossed and milled surfaces. It perfectly covers sharp corners and oblique sections. This means that there are new opportunities for designers.
    Thanks to the presence of various structures of powder coating, it is possible to realize absolutely any decisions.
    Edging materials are not required for edge trim. That is, no gaps accumulate between the edge and the plate in which dirt accumulates.
    Another important advantage of MDF powder coating is the economy of the paint and the absolute safety of operation.