MDF substrate

We use E0 degree medium density fiberboard (MDF) as a wood substrate for our powder coated components. MDF is made from 100% recycled content and is stronger than particleboard and other types of substrates. 

MDF has low porosity and a consistent surface that readily accepts powder finish. Its moisture content is an ideal electrical conductor, which is a critical component in the wood powder coating process.

The density of MDF we used range from 760-830g/m3,its density inside the MDF board is uniform. We can use CNC machine to engrave in the 4 sides of the MDF board. After MDF powder coating cured on the surface, it will cover all the surface, even engraved parts in the 4 sides of MDF board. 

Another point we choose MDF as the substrate for wood powder coating is that MDF has suffered high temperature while producing. It can suffer the 130°C wood powder coating curing temperature. Custom solid wood will crack while suffering 130°C curing temperature.