Boshi Furniture-Environmentally Friendly Wood Powder Furniture

Powder coatings have been applied to the coating of metal substrates for a long time. In recent years, through the continuous efforts by reducing the curing temperature and the improvement of the spraying technology, powder coatings have been successfully applied to medium density fiberboard (MDF) and other wood substrates.

Formaldehyde and benzene have become the important pollution in furniture decoration. Powder coating can effectively reduce the pollution. Powder coating has no solvent, and does not produce organic volatiles after curing. Powder coating can solve the pollution of organic volatiles from the source. Under the strict national restrictions on VOC emissions, it provides a solution to replace solvent based coatings.

Boshi Furniture uses 100% solid content wood powder coating, without solvent wood powder coating will not produce organic volatiles like liquid coating. In addition, BARDESE Group wood powder coating does not contain formaldehyde and heavy metals, powder coating wooden furniture of Boshi Furniture is a very environmentally friendly and safe furniture on the market.