Environmentally Friendly Elderly Care Furniture for Parents

Aging is a problem worth thinking about. Making life easier, safer, healthier and more comfortable for parents and the elderly is a major concern for us. So how to choose the suitable furniture for the elderly?


Kitchen furniture

Reset the height of the kitchen cabinet according to their height. In addition, we recommend the kitchen furniture that can sit down and work. Dishwasher can effectively reduce the labor burden of the elderly and make the diet more healthy.

Bedroom furniture

The height of the bed should not be too high or too low. It should be 40-50cm to facilitate the elderly to get on and off the bed. We cannot choose a mattress that is too soft. In addition, handrails can be set beside the bed to facilitate the elderly to get up.

Bathroom furniture

Choose a washbasin that can sit down to make it convenient for the elderly to wash. Smart toilets for medical and geriatric care contain features such as clean water washing, automatic drying, gasket heating, antibacterial deodorization. There are also sit-down showers designed for the elderly or those with limited mobility to prevent them from slipping in the bathroom.

Indoor lighting

With the growth of age, the vision of the elderly will gradually weaken, so it is more necessary to enhance the brightness of lighting. For example, when reading newspapers or writing, auxiliary lighting can be used to provide good lighting for the elderly.