Future Development Trend of MDF Powder Coatings

The future trend of MDF powder coating: First, in terms of appearance, special texture and metal effect will become more and more popular in the market.

Second, in terms of properties, break through the limitations of weather resistance of MDF powder coating, and provide better functional properties such as higher stain resistance and better scratch resistance.

Third, new curing methods. Our country pay great attention to environmental protection. Therefore, MDF powder coating curing temperature will become lower and lower or other new curing methods, such as 110℃ curing. It will save energy by decreasing the curing temperature.

With the trend of "people-oriented" concept in the furniture industry, customized furniture has higher requirements for design and service, and functionality and color in surface technology. Facing the various needs of customized furniture, MDF new material – powder coating is on the stage and a better choice for furniture manufacturers.