Innovative Environmental Protection Coating

In containers, automobiles,furniture and other industrial industries, VOCs emission is the highest about 25%. Currently the main emission reduction method is to migrate the furniture factories. This method is only for short-term purpose and it will lead to problems such as increasing the production cost and longer delivery time. In addition, consumers are awareness of healthy home.

One of the main problems of decoration owners is to choose qualified decoration materials, air quality is still not up to standard! Therefore, it is hoped that air quality can be improved through formaldehyde removal products, but the results and verification certificates of many formaldehyde removal products are obtained under specific conditions. Low temperature curing electrostatic powder coating can solve this problem.

Paint to powder can solve the environmental problem of furniture industry. Powder coating is a new technology to replace solvent-based paint. This new technology has increased production efficiency and lower cost, curing time reduced from 48-72 hours to 3 minutes. Production process reduced to 2-5 hours with average capacity 4-5 times than before. 99% of the paint utilization rate, factory area is only 1/4 of the traditional which can greatly improve the production efficiency of furniture industry.