Powder coating on MDF, a sustainable future?

  • Powder coating on MDF is only a recent development and not yet fully implemented in the coatings sector. A few companies are using powder coatings for MDF, such as IGP, BSF, and Sherwin-Williams. Companies like IKEA are experimenting with the material, proving it can be cheap and durable.


  • Powder coating likes to establish itself as a sustainable alternative to liquid paint, as it contains no solvents, and powder that is not attached to the surface of the MDF can be reused. A lot of furniture nowadays is made from MDF and companies such as BSF are experimenting with surfaces made of cornstalk board, composites and raw wood to apply with powder coating.



  • Powder coating on non-metal materials such as MDF powder coating is still in an early stage, but it definitely has potential. Will your next MDF product be covered in powder coating?