Powder coating system for MDF panels

We BSF provides a process for powder coating shelving panels made of MDF or other particle board materials, peg board panels and other articles made of MDF, peg board or other wood-based products. The process comprises first mounting of the panel on a hanger assembly attachable to an overhead conveyor. The panel is passed through a preheat oven having a temperature of preferably from about 120 degrees to about 130 degrees for a period of from about 3 minutes. The preheated panel preferably having a surface temperature preferably of about 50-80 degrees is then carried through a powder coating booth on a preferred hanger assembly where electrostatically charged particles are sprayed onto the surfaces of the panel.


 Method and device for powder coating wood substrates

In the powder coating of wood substrates, there is a problem that on the one hand they must not become too hot and on the other hand the coating requires a certain temperature for crosslinking. With the known methods and devices, adequate crosslinking is not ensured. The object is to overcome this disadvantage. For this purpose, the freshly sprayed wood substrates such as MDF are pretreated by means of brief infrared radiation in such a way that the lacquer powder adheres to the wood substrates and that the surfaces of the powder layer are pre-crosslinked. Then, the surfaces of the wood substrates pretreated in this way are subjected to intensive hot air treatment, wherein the average temperature of the wood substrates remains below 100° C. Now, BSF has successfully applied wood powder coating on wood substrates, such as MDF and part of solid wood.