Powder Coating Wooden Furniture - Kitchen Furniture

The kitchen, as a place for food processing in the family, is an important "window" for family health. And the kitchen cabinet is used frequently as a necessary furniture in the kitchen. Whether the kitchen cabinet design is reasonable and whether the surface material of the kitchen cabinet is environmentally-friendly will affect people's sense of comfort and happiness. Whether your kitchen is big or small, having a well-designed, reasonably decorated and environmentally friendly kitchen cabinet can make you feel relaxed and happy.

Powder coated wooden kitchen cabinet uses 360° wood powder electrostatic spraying technology, and it can cover various shapes of the substrate, and the most popular handle-free design on the market is also available. Wood powder is sprayed and cured in one time. The coating has excellent stain-resistance and chemical-resistance, and also has the characteristics of water-proof, moisture-proof and mold-proof. It can easily deal with all kinds of oil and stains in the kitchen, which is easy to clean and give you a clean and comfortable kitchen.

In addition, the powder wooden cabinet has excellent environmental protection performance, formaldehyde-free, VOC-free and heavy metal-free. It meets the national standards and it is a really environmental-friendly product.

As young people gradually become the main consumers, minimalist kitchen cabinets and light luxury powder coated wooden cabinets are becoming more and more popular. The simple kitchen front design with metal handle is beautiful and fashionable, which fully meets the young consumer groups' pursuit of beauty at present.