Spring Home Decoration Collocation

Spring is colorful. The colors of spring are continuous updated, and our choice of furniture color is also updated. To have a satisfied home style, we need to know the basic color matching principle. For example, through the use of color changes and depth, we can achieve cold, warm, quiet, lively or other effects. We should first determine a main tone, and then consider the color coordination of walls, floors, furniture, etc.

In indoor decoration design, we should make rational use of space. Indoor space is generally divided into three parts: rest area, active area and living area. The rest area is for sleeping and resting, which should be quiet and well-ventilated; the active area shall be spacious, tidy and beautiful; the living area is a dining and cleaning area, which requires well-ventilated, safety and cleanliness.

Lighting effect is also one of the characteristics of modern interior design. Sunshine is an important factor of nature, we should be good at using sunshine in design. Indoor lighting at night can play a key role in the atmosphere and mood. Different styles of lamps and lanterns can be combined with the indoor environment to form different styles.