Study Room Furniture

The study room is an important area in the home space. Many people pay great attention to the decoration to create a comfortable environment. How should the study room furniture be placed? Let's have a discussion.

Regional placement

Although the study room is not big, it should also place the study room furniture according to the area. Generally speaking, the space size of the study room should be measured first, and then the furniture should be purchased according to the size to fit your study room.

Enough light

The light of the study room must be sufficient. The natural lighting of the study room is very important to facilitate our office and reading. Generally, the desk should be placed beside the window, but do not face the window directly, otherwise the sunshine will be too strong.

Desk and bookcase

The desk is a necessary part of the study room and plays a very important role, and the bookcase is the main furniture for books storage. The desk and bookcase should be close together to get what we want. We can also consider the combination of desk and bookcase, which is more convenient and fashionable.

Placement of decorations

Although the study room is a serious place, it can't be too dull. We can put some decorations on the desk or cabinet, and some green plants can also be placed in the study room. When you are tired of working or reading, you can look at green plants to relax your body and mind.