Want to powder-coat MDF? It's possible… But tricky

For starters, you'll need to use a higher grade of MDF, rather than trying to save on input costs by using a lower grade.

You'll also need to make sure the wood stays humid enough; without humidity, the wood won't properly maintain a charge. Which means, of course, the powder won't adhere properly. You can get around this by applying an adhesion promoter to the board (either automatically or manually)—but of course that takes extra time and still more money.

Finally, temperature plays a role. This is wood, after all, so you can't subject it to the same temperature levels you could if it were metal. That means you'll need to use a powder with a lower-bake temperature, or a UV-curable powder.

And remember how MDF is made of wood particles bonded by resin? What happens to that resin when you subject it to heat?

You got it. So there's another reason to explore higher-quality MDF—better resins will likely mean more heat tolerance.

We BSF have successfully applied powder coating on MDF. Want to see some of our samples? Just contact us freely.

Quick, Affordable and Environmentally Friendly
One layer of coat powder coat finishing on MDF provides a swift and affordable surface finish, one that is being increasingly widely used by furniture and woodworking manufacturers. We BSF can provide both textured and smooth powder coatings on MDF and a single powder coating layer is enough to provide a hard, durable surface that is scratch, impact and abrasion resistant.
Environmentally, powder coating MDF is completely VOC free, complying with the strictest health and safety standards. The furniture coated with MDF powder coating is non-toxic, odorless and formaldehyde. We BSF have equipped with 7 powder coating production lines with daily output reached 6,000 square meters. We warmly welcome customers to have a visit. Want to receive a powder coated MDF sample, just contact us.