What Is Powder Coating on MDF?

What is powder coating technology? The powder coating is adsorbed on the workpiece by corona discharge. The process is as follows: the powder spraying gun is connected to the negative electrode, and the workpiece is grounded (positive electrode). The powder coating is sent to the spray gun by the powder supply system through the compressed air gas. When the powder is ejected from the gun, it is attracted to the workpiece with the opposite polarity by the electrostatic force. With the increase of the sprayed powder, the charge accumulates more and more. When the thickness reaches a certain thickness, the electrostatic repulsion is generated, so the powder coating will not continue to absorb, So that the whole workpiece can obtain a certain thickness of powder coating, and then the powder is melted, leveled and solidified by heat, that is, a hard coating film is formed on the surface of the workpiece.