What Type of Substrates Are Suitable for Wood Powder Coating?

First of all, we need to know why wood powder coating also has requirements for substrates.

The curing temperature of powder coating is 130 ℃ for 3 minutes. Custom solid wood is easy to deform and crack after high temperature. At the same time, powder coating also has requirements for the moisture content of wood, therefore, solid wood is not very suitable for powder coating substrates.

Which substrates are suitable for powder spraying?

Suitable substrates for powder coating include: partially carbonized solid wood, such as rubber wood, bamboo, ash wood, etc. Boshi Furniture's most recommended powdered substrate is MDF medium fiber board, it has uniform density, moisture content is easy to control, which is very suitable for routing shapes such as hidden handle. At the same time, formaldehyde content control process for MDF is very mature, and formaldehyde content is far below the national standard. It has not been detected by professional testing institutions, which is more suitable for consumers' demand for environmental protection products, and can also reduce solid wood consumption to protect the earth.