Why BSF For MDF Powder Coating?

We all know powder coating is the most durable, eco-friendly and easy to apply…on metal.

But powder coating on wood has proven to be a little more difficult because wood doesn't behave like metal does.
Wood or mdf board may warp or cracks. It doesn't conduct heat well—or uniformly. On the other hand, wood or mdf cannot absorb powder uniformly. At one time, it was a living thing—and when you try to paint it, it shows. The finish ends up uneven and not properly cured.


We BSF have overcome above technical problems. After years of R&D and a lot of test, we finally achieved powder coating applied successfully on wood and mdf. The materials we used are E0 MDF board. The mdf powder coating we used can be cured under 120-130 degrees in 3 minutes. Low temperature curing powder coating reduced the possibility of crack and wrap.