Why Powder Coating Wooden Furniture Is Popular In China Since 2020?

In 2020, in the new product series released by OPPEIN, a new type of door panel focusing on powder coating - electrostatic powder coating door panel entered the public's vision, followed by the new product "Piano Music II" of Zhibang · Men's Kitchen Festival in 2021, which also adopted the "electrostatic powder spraying" door panel, and the French Schmidt cabinet also upgraded the new electrostatic powder spraying and baking technology, and launched Lavel Pro cabinet products, The new products of Jujia's wardrobe also use the electrostatic powder coating process.

It can be seen from this that when large customized brands led by OPPEIN and SOGAL start to launch electrostatic powder coating board technology products, electrostatic powder coating panels may become the latest hot model and new product vane. In the customized home furnishing industry, electrostatic powder coating door panels will also help customized home furnishing enterprises to achieve product differentiation competition.